The Special Needs Registry is a voluntary and confidential database open to any resident of Lorain County who has a physical or mental impairment that subsequently limits one or more major life activities due to a physical, neurological, developmental and/or intellectual disability. The goal of the registry is to ensure all Lorain County residents who may be in need of special assistance are able to receive help and support in time of an emergency or during an interaction with law enforcement or first responders.

The database will be made available to 911 dispatchers and law enforcement records management systems. Upon receiving a call for service, 911 dispatchers will be alerted that someone at the call location is on the registry. Depending upon the type of call, the dispatcher can better access the type of response necessary (see Community Response Unit) and law enforcement will be notified that someone at the location with special needs may be present so they can better plan their response.

The database will include the registrant’s name, address, driver’s license or state ID number, date of birth, height, weight, a recent photograph and information about their special needs. Emergency contact information of those who can help will also be recorded along with information about medications, medical conditions, places frequented, method of communication, calming techniques, triggering conditions and contact information for their treating physicians.