Links for further information about Ohio’s Permitless Carry law:

Links to the below organizations are for informational purposes only concerning Ohio’s Senate Bill 215 (Permitless Carry Law) and do not constitute endorsement of these organizations by the Committee to Elect Hall for Sheriff (Committee) or endorsement by those organizations of the Committee.

Provided by US Concealed Carry Association, this link provides an overview of concealed carry laws in the United States and reciprocity agreements with the State of Ohio.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office provides amazing resources to Ohio citizens on concealed carry laws in the state.  Attorney General Yost has just released their updated manual on Ohio’s concealed carry laws and is available for download from their site.

The Buckeye Firearms Association provides a comprehensive link to the, “Ohio CCW Information Center.”  This link provides basic concealed carry reference materials for Ohio Concealed Handgun License Applications and information is also available regarding permitless carry.

The Mental Health Addiction & Recovery Services Board of Lorain County provides various community resources for mental wellness.

If you have specific questions about our video or Ohio’s Permit-Less Carry law, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll locate the appropriate resource to answer your question.