Currently, the Sheriff’s Drug Task Force works in a disparate manner with other county police agencies – creating rare opportunities to work collectively to serve all residents of Lorain County. As drugs find their way into most all other major criminal activities, the Drug Task Force will be re-branded the Major Crimes Task Force – comprised of deputies seeking and completing advanced specialized training while involving officers from local agencies who will be provided opportunities to hone their current skill sets. Today in Lorain County, there is a serious deficiency in personnel possessing advanced criminal and evidentiary investigative skills required to deal with the complexities of modern criminal activity. We have fallen well behind of where the public expects our skill sets to be.

Additionally, the newly-created H.E.A.L. (Huron, Erie, Ashland and Lorain) Human Trafficking Task Force would be encompassed within the Major Crimes Task Force to provide additional analytical, investigative, financial and community resources to combat human trafficking in Lorain County as well as our adjacent partner counties.

I want to focus on violent gun crimes, robbery, burglary, homicide, sexual crimes (special victims unit) and human trafficking – investigated together in a real-time intelligence center for information sharing and case development. The task force will utilize the expertise of the top county law enforcement investigators to provide their special skills to all residents of Lorain County. The task force will use grant funding to enhance the advanced investigative competencies necessary for combating serious crimes and purchase the latest technology to bring offenders to justice.

Our evidence collection techniques need to be enhanced, practiced and honed. Dedicated master evidence technicians educated in the science of crime scene processing need to be identified, trained and regularly challenged to create a superior unit to serve the citizens of Lorain County. This unit shall work in conjunction with our area college criminal science programs to create a cutting-edge training ground for new forensic scientists.