Etactics announced its first annual Human Trafficking Town Hall for Hospitality and Law Enforcement,
Bridging The Gap. The event will feature former U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Director of
Human Trafficking Programs, Bill Woolf, former Captain of Special Operations of The Cleveland
Metroparks Police Department, Jack Hall, a human trafficking survivor and a panel of non-profit
organizations. The event is set to take place from 9 am – 2 pm on June 29, 2022, including a
free lunch.

As it stands today, Ohio has the fourth-highest rate of human trafficking in the country according
to World Population Review. Meanwhile, 79% of trafficking victims come in contact with hotels
or motels.

Etactics has already achieved state-level accreditation for its human trafficking eLearning
program across the US in partnership with Mr. Woolf with plans to provide such training to local
Ohio organizations. Etactics’ President, Bill Salm, Jr., explained, “There’s no denying that
human trafficking exists throughout the state of Ohio. Etactics is honored to host an event that
has the potential to save lives.”

Although Ohio does not yet mandate that hospitality employees receive annual training on
human trafficking, training workforce members on human trafficking indicators remain one of the
best ways to combat it. Reporting human trafficking requires the involvement of law
enforcement, but that interaction could intimidate hospitality staff members. Bill Woolf continued,
“Every second that a human trafficking victim remains in a state presents an opportunity for
intervention. The hospitality industry is in a unique position to help combat the 3rd largest crime
syndicate in the world since traffickers and their victims ultimately need places to stay while
being moved from one location to the next. This event will be a great introduction for hospitality
employees and law enforcement agencies in understanding trafficker and victim indicators that
present themselves at hotel, motel, lodging facilities, etc.”

The event will also feature 30-year Ohio law enforcement veteran, Jack Hall. Hall stated, “I’ve
worked several sexual exploitation cases in my tenure as an officer and police chief, the
unfortunate reality is that human trafficking involves sexual and labor exploitation and is

happening in the Buckeye State’s backyard. One of the most effective ways to combat it is by

educating law enforcement officers and hospitality
industry employees on the indicators associated with this type of crime.”
The event is free to attend for hospitality organizations and law enforcement agencies. To
register visit