In ensuring accountability within the county jail, I plan on creating the position of Corrections Inspector General (CIG) to investigate reports of excessive use of force, conveyance of contraband into the jail and criminal acts conducted by inmates.

The CIG will report directly to the Chief Legal Officer of the Sheriff’s Office and be a certified member of the Association of Inspector Generals. The CIG will have independent authority from the corrections division to conduct fair and unbiased investigations into incidents involving the jail and will make recommendations to the Chief Legal Counsel and the Sheriff based upon the conclusion of those investigations.

The CIG will also have the authority to request outside investigative assets to conduct independent inquiries into civil rights violations which are alleged to have occurred within the county jail. Those assets would include the investigative personnel of other sheriff’s offices in the state as well as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Concluded investigative reports that are not subject to criminal inquiry will be released to the public immediately by the CIG and an annual review of all CIG activity will be reported regularly on the Sheriff’s Office website.