CRU (pronounced crew): the unit’s purpose is to provide outreach, support and resources in assisting the community and first responders with de-escalating crisis and emergency situations. CRU also provides specialized response and support for individuals with Mental Health Conditions and Developmental Disabilities.

CRU is a co-response team comprised of a counselor and deputy specially trained in crisis intervention who respond to or follow up on emergency mental health crisis calls. Building trust with a person in crisis is a huge benefit of the CRU in assisting county law enforcement and the residents they serve.

More often, CRU will follow up with people after law enforcement makes a referral. However, requests may be made of the team to respond to an active situation. Granting application through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will be utilized to help fund this initiative and establish cooperative agreements for innovative crisis response partnerships.

CRU members are carefully selected first responders and medical professionals who will be assigned to the unit or volunteer to be part of the team. CRU members have specialized training and experience in working with and supporting individuals that have mental health conditions, neurological conditions or developmental disabilities. The goal of CRU is to achieve the best outcomes – not only in crisis/emergency situations but also in day-to-day interactions.

The CRU will be available 24/7 to first responders and the citizens of Lorain County to help mediate and de-escalate crises situations involving law enforcement interaction involving persons with developmental disabilities, mental health or neurological conditions. CRU members will also regularly interact with community members and organizations daily to provide training and educational opportunities.