We have to be good stewards of the public finances and ensure our public contracts are upheld to the highest levels of integrity. All public contracts, requests for proposals and quotations will be posted on our financial disclosure page of the Sheriff’s Office website and I will welcome public comment and scrutiny of our contract engagements. After all, it’s your money you are allowing us to spend in regards to your protection.

I intend to have our finance software summary reports published directly to our financial disclosure webpage in real-time. When we pay a bill or receive payment, the public will be notified immediately unless the expenditure is of a confidential law enforcement purpose related to an on-going criminal investigation.

The Sheriff is the steward of many specialized budget accounts and cash drawers pursuant to Ohio law. I intend to provide a full description of each account and the legal purposes for which those funds may be expended. Additionally, all granting programs and affiliated budgeting reports will be made available to the public to prevent unnecessary delays in public records requests for those documents. They will simply be made available on the webpage for access to all. Of course, standard records requests will be fulfilled for those who don’t have access to a computer or the internet.

Budget Live will support my commitment to the highest levels of accountability expected by our county residents and set an example for other public offices to follow.